What to see in Rio

There is a lot to see and do within and beyond Rio that a tourist can easily occupy a couple of weeks: from Guanabara Bay to Sepetiba Bay there ara approximately 87 km of sandy beaches. Centro has modern offices and building with great historical significance: Paço Imperial, Theatro Municipal, Candelaria Church, Arco dos Teles, Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM), etc.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to see everything that Rio de Janeiro has to offer in one trip – and sure, you would better not try to do it.

We suggest some highlights:

  • see a football match at the Maracanã;
  • visit a favela – an enlightening experience*;
  • go to Lapa or to a samba school to fell the heartbeat o Rio;
  • Carnaval (at Sambódromo) and Carnaval blocos
  • Christ the Redeemer;
  • Parque Nacional da Tijuca;
  • take a tram (bonde) to Santa Teresa;
  • Ipanema beach
  • Sugar Loaf mountain
  • drink and eat at a boteco
  • Ilha Grande – natural paradise with crystal-clear waters.

*You should take care with Rio’s guided tours: the business has become very competitive with many hotel management switching companies to gain maximum commission. In most hotels you will find read-made lists of tours: in some cases they are overpriced. This is especially relevant for favela tours. To avoid problems book direct with the operator and make the phone call yourself – all of them speak at least English.